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lynn jaffeeLynn Jaffee is a licensed acupuncturist and the author of the book, Simple Steps: The Chinese Way to Better Health, a clear and concise explanation of Chinese medicine for the lay person. She is co-author of the book, The BodyWise Woman, a personal health manual for physically active women and girls. Read more about Lynn...

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Depression's Strong Influence on Obesity

We have a guest blogger! Rachelle Holmes of Metropolitan MD in Chicago is posting about the link between depression and obesity. In the clinic, I see quite a few people who are dealing with depression as well as weight issues, belly fat, sugar cravings, low energy and lack of motivation. In Chinese medicine, there is a powerful link between strong emotions and digestive health and obesity. Thanks, Rachelle, for covering this topic!

Obesity in today’s youth can’t solely be attributed to overeating and lack . . . → Read More: Depression’s Strong Influence on Obesity

Are Vitamin Supplements Healthy or a Case of Overkill?

For many people, the idea of moderation is a tough one.  For some reason, they seem to think that if a little bit of something is good for you, a lot must be really good.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Take vitamins, for example.  When I ask my patients about the supplements they’re taking, more and more often, I come across people who are taking more stuff than I could carry around in a laundry basket.  We have come to think of vitamins . . . → Read More: Are Vitamin Supplements Healthy or a Case of Overkill?

How Many Acupuncture Treatments Will I Need?

You’re ready to give acupuncture a try and want to find out a little more about what’s involved.  One of the most frequent questions first-timers ask is how many treatments it will  take to get better.

This is a good question.  It’s a fair question, and you deserve an answer.  Unfortunately any practitioner who gives you a definitive answer in terms of an actual number of treatments is not being entirely truthful; they’re guessing.  For the truth is that there is no correct answer—everyone heals . . . → Read More: How Many Acupuncture Treatments Will I Need?