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lynn jaffeeLynn Jaffee is a licensed acupuncturist and the author of the book, Simple Steps: The Chinese Way to Better Health, a clear and concise explanation of Chinese medicine for the lay person. She is co-author of the book, The BodyWise Woman, a personal health manual for physically active women and girls. Read more about Lynn...

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Is Qi Finite?

Nature and the function of Qi

A couple months ago I gave a presentation to a small group of women on the concept of Qi. There were about a ten of us gathered around a table, and most were older. I was explaining that Qi, or energy, is needed to power your body’s many functions. But as I got to the part where I was explaining how those functions could suffer if Qi wasn’t sufficient, a hand went up at the end of the table. It was an 85-year old . . . → Read More: Is Qi Finite?

Is Your Qi Depleted? Take This Quiz

Minneapolis acupuncture clinic for fatigue

Qi (pronounced chee) is one of the fundamental forces in both your body and in the universe, according to Chinese theory.  While the concept of Qi is difficult to translate, many compare it to the term “energy”.  It is considered to be the life force of all living things, and in your body, Qi is responsible for a number of functions.

In order to be completely healthy, your Qi must be abundant. One of the most common causes of symptoms that I see in . . . → Read More: Is Your Qi Depleted? Take This Quiz

Got Qi?

Energy and Chinese medicine

Your physical energy is a funny thing.  Not ha-ha funny, but in the sense that it does a lot more than you give it credit for.  It’s also funny in the sense that your energy can be depleted and you don’t even realize it until some kind of health bomb blows up in your face.

In Chinese medicine, your energy might also be called Qi; however Qi is much more than energy. In the broadest sense, Qi is the motivational force that affects everything . . . → Read More: Got Qi?