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lynn jaffeeLynn Jaffee is a licensed acupuncturist and the author of the book, Simple Steps: The Chinese Way to Better Health, a clear and concise explanation of Chinese medicine for the lay person. She is co-author of the book, The BodyWise Woman, a personal health manual for physically active women and girls. Read more about Lynn...

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Cupping at the Olympics: Nine Things You Need to Know

The Rio Olympics are on, and there’s nothing better than watching your favorite athletes competing at the highest level in the world. Each and every competitor has trained to the fullest and is hoping to be in the best shape possible, and every one of them will do what they can to stay that way. You’ve seen athletes wearing colorful tape to support their muscles, wearing braces on weak joints, and using massage to speed their recovery between events.

This year at Rio, it . . . → Read More: Cupping at the Olympics: Nine Things You Need to Know

The Olympics, Overuse Injuries, and Acupuncture

I love the Olympics!  Every two years, we get to watch the best of the best compete for the ultimate prize in the sporting world—Olympic Gold.  I am in awe of these athletes, who have devoted their lives to their sport, and who have trained for years just to be competing at this level.

Olympic athletes in any sport are finely tuned machines, trained to perform at their peak during the Games.  Most of us who will never stand at the top of a . . . → Read More: The Olympics, Overuse Injuries, and Acupuncture

Lindsey Vonn, Acupuncture, and the Color Purple

People from all around the world (three billion, I heard this morning) will be turning their attention to the Olympic Games in Vancouver during the next couple of weeks. One of the top stories surrounding these games is about Lindsey Vonn, the darling of the US Ski Team, from right here in Minnesota.

Earlier this month, Lindsey injured her shin, resulting in a painful bruise, right where her shin comes in contact with her ski boot. Lindsey, while being model-gorgeous and gracing the . . . → Read More: Lindsey Vonn, Acupuncture, and the Color Purple