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lynn jaffeeLynn Jaffee is a licensed acupuncturist and the author of the book, Simple Steps: The Chinese Way to Better Health, a clear and concise explanation of Chinese medicine for the lay person. She is co-author of the book, The BodyWise Woman, a personal health manual for physically active women and girls. Read more about Lynn...

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Licorice Whiplash

When I was a kid, my family celebrated Easter in a big way. My siblings and I woke up at an ungodly hour to check out what the Easter bunny had left us the night before. The usual fare was a colorful basket for each of us filled with chocolate bunnies, peeps, and best of all, lots of jelly beans. We would sample an alarming amount of candy well before breakfast, church, and Easter egg hunting.

While I loved all the different kinds of . . . → Read More: Licorice Whiplash

Are Chinese Herbs Safe?

There’s an Asian grocery store not too far from my house. I shop there occasionally when I’m looking for foods that I can’t find anywhere else—things like mock duck, baby bok choy, and chili bean paste. As I wander through the store, I can’t help but be amazed at all the foods that I’m totally unfamiliar with, and wonder how I would use them in a meal. As a label reader, I can’t help but think about the ingredients, as well as the additives . . . → Read More: Are Chinese Herbs Safe?

Chinese Herbs and a Walk in the Woods

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This past weekend I spent a whole day walking in the woods and flowering trees at my local arboretum. Many of the wildflowers were in bloom, the crab apple trees were in full flowery showiness, and the marsh marigolds were bright yellow and poking through the cattails.

As a practitioner of Chinese medicine, I tend to look at the world a little differently than most. When I look at people, things like their appearance, the sparkle in their eyes, or the condition of their skin . . . → Read More: Chinese Herbs and a Walk in the Woods

Chrysanthemum Flowers as a Chinese Herb

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Sometimes it seems that Chinese herbal medicine is complicated. For some people, a stereotype exists that Chinese herbs only come from potions made of exotic plants and animal parts that are found only in the furthest corners of China. However, in some cases, Chinese medicinals can be very simple and are frequently found growing in your garden or in pots on your front step. Such is the case with chrysanthemums.

A common garden plant that blooms in the fall, chrysanthemums, or mums, are used . . . → Read More: Chrysanthemum Flowers as a Chinese Herb

Ginger Snaps

As a Chinese herbalist, I find myself confronted with a number of questions every time I prescribe an herbal formula for one of my patients.  Is my diagnosis correct?  Am I prescribing the most effective formula for this particular patient?  And even if I have the right formula for the right patient, will they actually take the herbs I’ve prescribed?

Ginger Root

Two factors in whether of not a patient will take an herbal formula regularly enough and long enough for it to . . . → Read More: Ginger Snaps