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Lymph Drainage Therapy

Over the years, a number of my acupuncture patients have asked about lymphatic massage.  Until recently, I was unable to give them a good answer about what it is or how it’s done.  Not any longer!  This past January, a group of body workers/massage therapists moved into our building, and I was able to experience lymphatic drainage firsthand from Raina Sinclair.

My take:  It was incredibly relaxing and I felt energized for several days afterward.  During the massage, I remember thinking about how good it felt and how badly I needed to take better care of myself.

I invited Raina to be a guest blogger and answer some questions about lymphatic massage.   

Here’s Raina’s post:

Your lymphatic system plays an important role in immunity. Lymph fluid runs throughout your body fighting viruses and bacteria and carrying waste to the nodes to be filtered and removed. The lymphatic system has no pump and relies on your breath, movement, or manual pumping for its circulation. It is comprised of superficial capillaries, ducts, and nodes.

Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) enhances the rate and amount of movement within your lymphatic system.  LDT can help people suffering from a number of conditions including:  inflammation, pain, sinus congestion, and swelling of the joints and soft tissue. LDT can also be used for detoxification and general relaxation.

French physician Dr. Bruno Chikly has trained many therapists in the United States through the Upledger Institute in Florida. Dr. Chikly uses a system of LDT called “mapping.” In this style, the therapist tunes in to your body’s specific rhythm, pressure, quality and direction of lymph flow.

Lymphatic drainage technique is gentle and light, using pumping motions to encourage the lymph fluid to move more efficiently.   A session may incorporate lymph drainage for specific areas of the body, a full session for either the face or body, or may be used in combination with other massage techniques.

If your lymph system is compromised or damaged due to injury or illness you may develop lymphedema, which is a serious medical condition and requires medical intervention. While beneficial, LDT is not a substitute for medical treatment.  


Raina Sinclair has been a practicing Massage Therapist since 1989. She is trained in several modalities including, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Connective Tissue Massage, and Neuromuscular Therapy.  Her office is located in St. Louis Park.  She can be reached at 952-545-0346.

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